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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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pham, vienna town green, vanessa pham, hiawatha henry, nutley, ketterman road. this is 9news now. the winter storm that clob ered the northeast has come and gone and the problems that followed are on their way out. planes are landing again. >> and the lights are slowly starting to come back on for the thousands of people from the carolinas on up to new england who lost their power. and the freezing flood waters in massachusetts is starting to recede as families anxious to return home remain in shelters tonight. and the dc metro area, mother nature spared us from suffering another snowmageddon. >> andrea mccarren is thrive for thousands trying to still try to get home after the holidays. >> reporter: well, derek and anita, the only way to get to
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new york was by train but early in the day all seats were sold out. and at the local airports, the earlier flight out that is still available is for wednesday. >> we have nothing available. everything has been cancelled. >> reporter: at national airport, the only thing in the air to new york was desperation. >> we're out of new york city. >> reporter: sherry and shannon escaped from new york, but they had to come to dc by train and they were headed home to dallas by plane. >> we were worried. it was amazing. the blizzard last night we went to the theater and we had to walk home in the blizzard because we couldn't get a taxi. >> there were taxis stopped in the middle of the road. >> reporter: thousands of travelers were stuck too. cancelled flights in and out of new york's airports had a domino affect that stranded air travelers nationwide. they made their train to plane
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backup plan early. >> we already reserved ours this morning but it was crazy. >> it was pretty hectic. even on washington news all you hear about is how new york is shut down. >> reporter: kate and thousands of others who were at union station trying to travel in the other direction towards new york. >> i heard tribeca looks like a war zone. >> reporter: despite cancellations and delays, her train left on time. prospects to new york were slim back at national. >> i have a seat going in on wednesday the 29th is the first day i have any seats open. >> reporter: derek mcphearson had the right idea, he was flying to florida. >> i feel kind of sad for them but then, again, i'm happy because this is what we did last year in maryland. keep it out of the state of maryland, dc, and let them have a taste of it. >> reporter: and we are getting a taste of it out here at union station. tonight trains are running, but many of them are delayed. and keep in mind even if those major new york airports get up to speed soon, air travelers still face the possibility of
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being stranded through the end of this week. that's because airline tickets were already scarce during the busy holiday travel season and the airlines in this recession are running fewer flights to cut cost. reporting live from northeast washington, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> you didn't even have to step outside to know just how windy it got today. you could hear it from inside. so how much longer will we have to deal with this kind of weather. let's go straight to the meteorologist to find out. >> the good news is the winds are starting to diminish but it's still windy outside in a lot of locations. we expect that to continue overnight. look at the peak wind gusts. reagan national got to 55 miles an hour. oakcrest, maryland 51 miles an hour. a lot of locations had no problems getting past 50 miles an hour. what does it feel like out
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there? it's cold. in the teens for gaithersburg, manassas, leesburg coming in at 17 degrees. oakland look at one degrees -- 10-5 below zero. wind gusts are still acting up at this hour right around 30 miles an hour. for the dc area reagan national 24 miles an hour and 32 for manassas. we're expecting still some gusty conditions. here is your wakeup weather tomorrow morning. still windy at times. starting in the 20s through 7:00 and 9:00. by the afternoon, though, things should die down quite a bit. we'll talk about, though, some changes in the forecast, including a little warmup coming your way a little bit later. >> okay. but for now, windy and cold but life has to go on. >> yes, it does. and especially for washington yins who knew it was rough out there but went out there anyway. gary was one of those folks. >> reporter: well, derek and anita, we asked those out in the
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wind and the cold what is your secret for staying cold? you think you have it bad? water main break. william and ratel to the cold and windy rescue. >> i put the uniform on and go to work. >> as long as i'm working, i'm warm. >> reporter: tell that to a pizza guy. >> it stinks so bad. >> reporter: at least the customers worry about him. >> they worried about the pizza. >> reporter: bethesda, people who don't take their own advice. >> the secret to staying warm is a good pair of ear muffs. now, i don't have mine at the moment. [ laughing ] >> that's a problem. >> my secret to staying warm is staying inside as much as possible and walking really quickly when i go outside. >> reporter: why aren't you following your own advice? >> well, i'm not going to follow my own advice. it's for other people, not for me. >> reporter: other people's secrets to staying warm. >> going to the gym and going to the movies. >> i have one, two, three layers. >> reporter: and is it working? >> yes . >> warm coat and going to the
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movies and getting hot food. >> reporter: so what do they need? >> they need to make gloves that you can text on. but when you can do that and you have your ear muffs on, it's like a little bed for your ears. >> reporter: awesome. her sign. >> we really need dates for the winter ball which is coming up in february and we're looking for some right now. >> reporter: so along comes clark. >> i would definitely be her date. >> reporter: is this a way to stay warm? >> i think it is. >> reporter: is this the start of something good? >> it could be. >> i'm feeling it. >> reporter: okay. so good news and bad news. girl meets boy story with a happy ending. the bad news, the wind and cold stuff only about a week into winter, the wind and cold stuff, derek and anita, is only going to get worse. >> thanks, gary. so what happened? that's what fairfax county police want to know after they found a man with serious injuries walking along the highway. officers found the 20-year-old victim on the nutley street northbound ramp to i66 east just
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after midnight. the injuries he suffered happened before they found him on the highway. emergency crews took that victim to the hospital in critical condition and police are now calling this a criminal matter. the mean streets of america are getting meaner, and you don't have to tell the cops. they already know. a new report shows the number of police officers killed on the job is on the upswing. a 40% jump this year over last. those at the national law enforcement officer's memorial fund offer several reasons as to why. here is one. >> more cold blooded brazen criminal elements prowling the streets of america. >> another contributing factor is the tough economy. it means fewer dollars available to properly train and equip police officers, let alone hire more of them. well, right now police need your help to find this missing girl from silver spring.
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her name is karen moreno hernandez. her family hasn't heard from her since before the holidays. if you know where she is, call the police. tonight friends and family are honoring the life of a teenager killed six months ago today. about 100 people came together in vienna to dedicate a bench in vanessa pham's memory. back on june 27th, somebody stabbed the girl to death after she drove out of a parking lot. just 30 minutes later, police found her body a short distance away from the gallows road shopping center. so far no arrests inned murder, but family -- in the murder, but family and friends are not giving up. >> the detectives and the police who are on this case are doing the best we can and we're just there to support them. >> pham was on a summer break when she was killed. the college freshman was studying at the savannah college of art and design down in georgia. the maryland senator is about to reach a major career milestone when she is sworn in
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for her fifth term, she is the longest woman serving in the senate. the 74-year-old democrat first won her senate seat in 1986. your brain. it controls the central nervous system but apparently it could use a little workout. we'll take a look at brain training after the break. plus this. >> how do i explain to my daughter why people are having sex? >> talk about naughty instead of nice. this is one christmas a family wishes to forget after a holiday present goes x rated. and dancing with the sugar plums. a little girl who fought so far to survive gets her holiday wish granted right here in dc.
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a/ño hello there. i'm here in tucson air force base in korea. i want to say a special hello to my mom in fredericksburg and my sister that are also in the area. happy holidays. miss you guys. i hope to see you soon. okay. so we all know what to do if we see the arms getting a little
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flabby, waist bands getting tight, it's time to get to the gym. >> what if you can't quite remember things the way you used to. is there a way to tighten up your mind? the answer is yes. but surprisingly it all starts below the neck. >> they say it's going to start like this. >> reporter: it may look like she is exercising her arms and legs, but it's really her brain. >> it takes a few minutes and it allows for focus and concentration. >> reporter: she is part of a fitness revolution called brain training. it includes everything from computer-based programs to actual brain gyms where you go in to build your mental functions of the same way you build your muscles. >> it could be just as simple as balancing a checkbook or organizing your house. >> reporter: mary is what you might call a brain trainer. she teaches a series of physical movements that are said to stimulate different areas of the brain to help increase mental performance. >> as you start to do these
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developmental movements, more neural connections are made between all of the parts of the brain. >> reporter: personal fitness trainer brent armenson is used to, woulding out his body, and now he's a firm believer of working out his brain. >> there are different parts of our brain, and we tend to hang out in certain parts. and this allows us more access to other parts. >> i do it before i do a presentation to increase my focus and to allow me to be in a more relaxed place. >> reporter: brain training software is also growing in popularity, especially at the workplace. >> i thought it would be useful for my profession. >> reporter: they said the computer games have helped improve his cognitive abilities. now he hopes it's helping his employees as well. is there any science behind
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brain training? >> you want a better brain, you have to use it. >> reporter: a neurologist says believe it or not, the brain does get bored. so introducing new scenarios both physical and mental can boost disability. but you don't necessarily have to buy a program to do it. >> if you want to go to an art class, if you want to join a gym. >> reporter: derek mcginty, 9news now. >> and there are different variations of brain exercise techniques all over the web. i found one that suggested doing regular tasks like operating a computer mouse, for example, with the opposite hand. that forces your brain to work harder, makes new connections. once again, exercise for the mind. a family in new mexico looking for a good deal got way more than they bargained for leaving them upset and outraged. they purchased a dvd player from k-mart. they hooked it up to the tv and turned it on. that's when a dvd started to
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play. the parents who didn't want to show their parents on tv want to know how a sexually explicit movie got in the player in the first place. >> it's k-mart's fault for having the movie in there. >> it went under the images and who knows where it leads from here. >> i try to keep my child innocent as long as possible. there's a time and a place for that, but not visual. >> k-mart says it's investigating the incident and it's taking the matter seriously. the store has since apologized to the family for the incident. so i heard derek try to return the christmas gift i gave him. i don't know how you can pass up a genuine star wars snuggy. i got one just like it. but derek was not alone in the return line. all night long stores have been crowded with folks returning unwanted gifts. case in point, sisters we met at a mall in wheaton today. she gave her sister a redskins star for her flag. that's right. she doesn't have a car.
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but wait. there is more. >> he is too old for pacifiers. >> little mismatched here. >> also filling the halls, bargain hunters cashing in on mark downs. retailers are slashing prices. martha stewart would say it's a good thing. now, the gift cards we came to love this year may not be such a blessing after all. at least that is what derek is saying in tonight's let's be real. >> don't get me rong, anita. i -- wrong, anita. i love gift cards. nieces and nephews, gift cards. dad, gifts cards. the problem is when you think about a gift card, you're trading cold hard cash for a plastic card good for maybe a limited time, usually at one store, and it always ends up
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with $1.83 on it you never use it. with a gift card it at least looks like you went to trouble. a gift card seems a little francier than a few $20 bills, yet it avoids us having to actually pick a gift that a person may not like. but let's be real, if it's really the thought that counts, nothing says i love you like i found your present next to the junior mints at best buy. >> all right, derek. well, i think nothing is better around the holiday season than making a child's wish come true. and it has. in more ways than one for a little girl from maryland. this is theresa brooks. she was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. after rounds of chemotherapy and other treatments, her cancer is now in remission. and her parents along with the make a wish foundation decided it was time to help theresa realize her dream of being a
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ballerina. >> are you excited? >> you're gorgeous. you are the most beautiful child. >> and there she is after the makeup on stage in a washington ballet performance of the nut cracker. look at those big eyes. the big smile. taking it all in on the stage. congratulations to her! very nice. >> kind of hard to follow that, isn't it? >> yes. >> the ring letts are so are so cute. we're talking about the winds out there. it's going to go from windy to breezy tomorrow afternoon. we're looking at some pretty impressive peak wind gusts, though. let's take a look at some of the numbers out there. right now it's 30 degrees in manassas. actually 28 in manassas. 30 in leesburg is what i meant to say. wind gusts getting up to 20 miles an hour at reagan national. pretty windy out there. right now wind out of the
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northwest. reagan national 24. so it's still windy out there in a lot of locations. the wind chill once you factor in the cold temperatures and the gusts in the teens for gaithersburg 15 degrees. leesburg it feels like 17. manassas 14. let's look at oakland. you're coming in at one degree. in fact, some areas along the western slope we're looking at a wind chill advisory where wind chills 10-5 degrees minus below zero. that's really cold out there. for reagan national, we're talking 24 degrees. it will feel like the teens in the morning. outside story breezy and cold. changes on the way, though. mild temperatures coming. so that seven-day forecast looking good for a lot of folks who prefer the milder weather. because, yes, it feels like it's mid january already. overnight partly cloudy, then clearing. still breezy at times.
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lows in the 20s. northwest winds 15-20. tuesday morning sunny and cold and still blustery. so, once again, dress the kids up and yourself if you have to be outside. dress in layers. temperatures in the 20s. northwest winds 10-15 miles per hour. by the afternoon, still lots of sunshine and breezy. not as windy. the wind chill can still be in the teens for some locations. highs still below average. 36-41 degrees. west winds 10-20. we made the picture showing the snow is gone for new york to philly. they're getting a chance to finally dig out. for the dc area, we're talking about this ridge of high pressure in place overnight for the next few days giving us dry conditions and sunny skies. and temperatures rebounding here. tomorrow still breezy at times. the high is 38 degrees under sunny skies. wednesday 41. thursday 43 under mostly sunny skies. friday should be a couple
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degrees above average at 47 under partly cloudy conditions. at this point new year's eve looks dry. good for all of the party goers out there. new year's day mostly cloudy conditions. a chance of showers moving in late saturday and into sunday. but look at the temperatures here for the weekend in the lower 50s here. that is going to feel nice for a lot of people. and then monday we're looking at partly cloudy conditions and high near 44 degrees. overnight lows over the next few mornings still cold. you're going to want to definitely bundle up once again. but, man, by the weekend, that looks like. i'm looking forward to that change. >> we have not seen that in awhile. >> yes. >> so it's very welcome in deed. thanks. >> uh-huh. well, an emergency duty for the redskins. dave will be up next with sports. stay with us.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> the wizards 0-14 road record has some comparing them to the worst road team in nba history. the '72 sixers went 2-26. could they possibly end up that
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bad? here is a guy that is starting to feel pretty good at home. lewis that is grade a pavement work work right there. wizards up ten but the rockets rallied. kevin martin from the corner. he had 20. a game high. franchise worst 15th straight road loss to start the season. rockets beat the wizards tonight 100-93. george washington on the road at alabama birmingham. nice jump shot right there. watch uab. the blazers win 79-44 tonight. big loss for george washington. kenner employing spoiler at this point. one player who stepped up yesterday kevin barnes the former terrapin played well. came to the rescue for a
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completed secondary. kb coming up with a big pick in over time that win to the game winning field goal. >> it was definitely special. i never played before. >> i was tired of those young guys, man. the guys got opportunities. i remember when i was a young guy and got my opportunity, you know. i'm proud of the way they played, man. >> good for him. former navy coach paul johnson now at navy tech. air force in the blue here. this guy's name is two. jared two for six. falcons win 14-7. quick reminder to your dc area high school students that you can still be a part of our team at 9 sports at we're looking for correspondence to shoot. we'll give you a free flip cam. you can apply at if you're a caps fan and you're
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going to beat the penguins at the winter classic, you better get ov going. number eight was stuck on 12 for the longest. 12 as in 12 goals. he scored that one on december 6th and went about three weeks before making a deposit last night. he once went nine games without scoring if you can believe that. we finally got a bounce that went in his direction. one more game to go until that winter classic on new year's day. let's hope it goes as planned. there is rain in the forecast on pittsburgh. if it becomes impossible it play, they'll reschedule for sunday or move it inside at a later date. check this out, derek, you'll like this. one in a million toss. cowboys and cardinals. watch the flag come in from about 30 feet and go right into the helmet of mcgee through the face mask and out the other end. lucky mcgee didn't get hurt. no scratch to the eye. >> that happened in cleveland ten years ago. >> didn't the guy punch the ref? >> yes. and he got suspended.
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[ laughing ] >> we'll be right back.
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and that is 9news now for tonight. >> letterman is next. have a good night. day warm. >> bye bye.
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